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North Bay Village Restaurant

  1. Oggi Caffe

    Address: 1666 79th Street Cswy, North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: 305-866-1238
    Price range: $15 - $35
    Cuisines: Italian
    Client Review: I have been a customer here since 1996 and have never had a bad experience. Every pasta, every soup and all the fish and seafood are perfect! If I have twenty meals here, nineteen are excellent and one is just good. Excellent staff that has been here for a long time, a very good sign.
    Ranked #1 of 17
  2. Shucker's Bar & Grill

    Address: 1819 79th Street Cswy North Bay Vlg, FL 33141, North Bay Village, FL
    Cuisines: American
    Client Review: Views across the water.Busy at times with short waiting times.Good choice of meals,something for everyone.
    Ranked #2 of 17
  3. Shuckers Dockside Bar & Grill

    Address: 1819 79th Street Causeway, North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: 305-865-7100
    Cuisines: American
    Client Review: This was a great restaurant with a beautiful view at sunset and for 4th of July celebrations. Unfortunately, the restaurant is closed due to safety issues, and no date has been set to re-open. I am a local who loved this place, so if it does open again, I'll post another review.
    Ranked #3 of 17
  4. D'Bella Pizza & Pasta

    Address: 1700 79th CSWY, 110, North Bay Village, FL
    Cuisines: Italian
    Client Review: The ambiance is not amazing, but the food is! The pizza was great to share, and is the best in NBV that I have had. The caprese salad, on the other hand, is never going to be shared if I'm with someone! The cheese, basil, and tomato are so fresh, and is delicious!
    Ranked #4 of 17
  5. Kabobji - North Bay Village

    Address: 1624 79th Street Causeway, North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: 3053978039
    Price range:  $30 - $40
    Cuisines: Middle Eastern
    Client Review: I grew up eating Lebanese food at home so I am very picky when it comes to dining out at a restaurant the touts itself as serving Lebanese dishes. Kabobji is the real deal.
    Ranked #5 of 17
  6. Sakura

    Address: 1335 NE 79th St Cswy, North Bay Village, FL
    Cuisines:  Japanese
    Client Review: All the food taste the same, maybe something is not fresh there.;It is not high end restaurant at all;..its more like a chinese japanese frozen buffet..
    Ranked #6 of 17
  7. Trio On The Bay

    Address: 1601 79th Street Causeway, North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: 3058661234
    Price range:  $18 - $25
    Cuisines:  American
    Client Review: Love this place, being almost able to touch the water makes up for anything else it's missing. The food here has been great within the last year with the new chef on board who may I mention, I learned came from the Biltmore is awesome! The asian, mediterranean infused selection are really awesome.
    Ranked #7 of 17
  8. Sabor Latin Restaurant and Cafe

    Address: 1880 79th Street Causeway, North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: +(1)(305) 741-2020
    Price range: $10 - $15
    Cuisines:  American, Colombian, Latin, Café, Fusion
    Client Review:  a new style and one that would grow on you however I did not enjoy it .I enjoy coffee just not Cuban coffee. 
    Ranked #8 of 17
  9. Siam Bayshore

    Address: 1524 79th St. Causeway, North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: 305.864.7638
    Cuisines: Asian, Indonesian, Japanese
    Client Review: Quite a supprise tucked away in North Bay Village. Shrimp curry I can advise excelent. If you like hot ask for it as medium will to mild for you. I didnt try the Japanese cusine
    Ranked #9 of 17
  10. Havana's on the Bay

    Address: 7601 E. Treasure Dr., North Bay Village, FL
    Phone:  (305) 864-1787
    Cuisines: American
    Client Review: Ok, My first clue we shouldn't of went was when they say there open on SundaY FOR BRUNCH AND NO ANSWER TILL 4:00 PM But we went anyway, When we walked in at 5:30 there was no one in there.. So we sat down, I had spoken to Juan and he couldn't of been nicer.
    Ranked #10 of 17
  11. Bocados Ricos

    Address: 1880 JFK Cswy North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: (305) 864-4775
    Cuisines: Latin American
    Client Review: This new spot in North Bay Village puts a smile on my face. The owner, Alejandro Agudelo, opened this Colombian/Latin American cafe 2 months ago and it's already a hot spot for those who know
    Ranked #11 of 17
  12. Breezes by the Bay

    Address: 7601 E Treasure Dr North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: (305) 866-5908
    Cuisines: Seafood
    Client Review: for your dinner to come out? Hate having your water refilled?  If so, come to Breezes by the Bay.  The location, by a marina and behind a condo building in the North Bay Village, was nice. The…
    Ranked #12 of 17
  13. Trio On the Bay

    Address: 1601 79th St Cswy North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: (305) 866-1234
    Cuisines: American (New), Bars
    Client Review: Last Friday, my friend Sharon and I checked out the latest restaurant to occupy a primo spot off of the 79th Street Causeway in North Bay Village...Trio on the Bay. The locale is outstanding
    Ranked #13 of 17
  14. Japanese Market

    Address: 1412 79th St Cswy North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: (305) 861-0143
    Cuisines: Ethnic FoodSushi Bars
    Client Review: OK THE BEST sushi in Miami is tucked away here in this tiny unassuming little strip mall in NorthBay Village.  We ate Matsuri the night before and came here the day after and the sushi here
    Ranked #14 of 17
  15. D'bella Pizza & Pasta

    Address: 1700 79th St Cswy North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: (305) 868-3331
    Cuisines: Food Delivery ServicesItalianPizza
    Client Review: is outstanding,witch you can't find a lot in miami.I am local to north bay village and I will never order pizza from anywhere else!
    Ranked #15 of 17
  16. Paprika Restaurant

    Address: 1624 79th St Cswy North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: (305) 397-8777
    Cuisines: Mediterranean
    Client Review: Love this place! Just next to the former Food Giant now Presidente supermarket in North BayVillage across from Benihana, this is a mom and pop white tablecloth Mediterranean restaurant
    Ranked #16 of 17
  17. Pizza Delight

    Address: 1888 79th Street Cswy North Bay Village, FL 33141
    Phone: (305) 867-4055
    Cuisines: Pizza
    Client Review: I just moved to North Bay Village and ordered from this place from the first time. They totally screwed up my order, the pizza was tasteless and way too expensive. When I called to complain
    Ranked #17 of 17
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